Round Baler



Baling technology has been developed so that animal feeds do not lose their long life and fattening value.


Our company manufactures Combine silage round baler as 3 separate systems.

Combined Silage Wrapping and Round Baler; Mobile Silage Wrapping Machine and Mobile Baler Packing Machine is brought together on one body is integrated.

Unlike the mobile system, the Combine silage round baler does not work in the field during the form, it must work in a fixed place.

Combine silage round baler  is wheeled and can be connected to the back of the tractor or pickup truck with the towing arrow and bring it to the region to be packed.


For example, you can bring our machine next to the fields where you will make silage in separate areas. Another advantage of this machine is that it can work with electric motor. In the case of one-piece machine, it is possible to perform all functions at the same time by moving both filament and packaging from one place (Tractor PTO or Electric motor).

Moreover, the improved versions of our Silage Round Baler are available. You can check our improved versions and learn about the changes made by our customer representatives.


Advantages of using packaged silage compared to using silage embedded in the silage pit;
  • Lower losses; When the silage is packaged it is almost zero. In the silage pit, re-heating and decay problems can occur, which leads to large losses.
  • More nutritious; The dry matter content of the packaged silage is about 39% to 42% and much higher than the silage embedded in this pit. Excellent silage quality is a special advantage for young calves.
  • The use of bales in portions; The advantage of baled silage is that each bale is a portion. Thus, the problem of re-heating the remaining silage is removed.
  • Long-term storage; Bale usually can be kept 14 days after opening. Of course, it is also important in which technique the bale is opened; The bale can be opened from front. For lower use, the bale is opened from the top and can be kept for longer periods if used in silage layers.


  • Decaying from the negative effects caused by decay Silage pit added to the ration of the feed reduces the flavor of the feed that is prepared for the animal makes the consumption of sweat.
  • Easy storage; Bales can be stored almost everywhere.
TSN 85X85 TSN 85X100
Packed Bale Sizes 85 x 85 cm 85 x 100 cm
Package Weight 300 – 400 kg 375 – 475 kg
Machine Working Capacity 40 Pieces / Hour 40 Pieces / Hour
Filing Unit Length 103 cm 103 cm
Stretching Unit Dimensions 90 x 100 x 85 cm 90 x 100 x 85 cm
Pressing Unit Standard. Medicine Standard. Medicine
Working Mode Must be fixed during work. Must be fixed during work.
Operation Control Type Electronic Control Control Electronic Control Control
Plant Species Corn, Alfalfa, Fii, Korunga, Beet, Barley Flak Corn, Alfalfa, Fii, Korunga, Beet, Barley Flak
Combi Total Width 2015 mm 2400 mm
Combi Total Length 5050 mm 5050 mm
Combi Total Height 3015 mm 3015 mm
Combi Total Weight 3020 kg 3350 kg
Tractor Max. Speed. 40 km 40 km
Tractor Tail Shaft Speed 540 RPM / min. 540 RPM / min.
Motion Transmission Transmission and Hydraulic System Type Transmission and Hydraulic System Type
Tractor Power 40-70 Hp. Tractor 40-70 Hp. Tractor
Electric Motor Power 15 Hp. Electric motor 15 Hp. Electric motor