Cheap Europalette price list January 2019


EPAL Europalette Price List January 2019

Variation Dimensions (Width x Length )

EPAL Europalette Price List January 2019

metric ( mm ) inch ( in )
EUR, EUR 1 800 mm × 1200 mm 31.50 in × 47.24 in € 14,51
EUR 2 1200 mm × 1000 mm 47.24 in × 39.37 in € 16,02
EUR 3 1000 mm × 1200 mm 39.37 in × 47.24 in € 16,02
EUR 6 800 mm × 600 mm 31.50 in × 23.62 in € 7,76
600 mm × 400 mm 23.62 in × 15.75 in € 7,76
400 mm × 300 mm 15.75 in × 11.81 in € 5,57

Wooden Europaletes prices vary according to market conditions. 80x120x14 cm is the price of the europalette with the basis of the highest height height and for the purpose of export, with the intensive use heat treatment (ISPM15), with a moisture content of 20% and with the EUR stamp.

Wooden Europallette price list, expressed as Europalet prices, are also referred to as wooden pallet prices.

There are many factors affecting the prices of wooden Europallets. These factors are primarily raw material, labor, energy, rent expenses.

Raw material timber prices, which are the most important cost affecting the price of wooden Euro pallets, are increasing day by day. Used in the production of wooden pallets, timber is heavily imported from abroad. In addition, domestic timber is also used. But the intensity of import is timely. Therefore, the increase in foreign exchange prices affects timber prices and Euro pallet prices very quickly.

Another important factor affecting the price of wooden Europallets is labor costs. Labor costs are increasing every year in our country.

Energy is another factor affecting the price of wooden Europallets. Energy and oil prices are increasing, leading to an increase in the prices of wooden Euro pallets.

We apply almost the same prices in the prices of wooden Euro pallets in Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Gebze, Kocaeli, Sakarya and Kayseri.

As of November 2016, our factory deliver about brand new wooden Europalette price list as follows.



A Europoolpalette (colloquially: Euro pallet) is a flat pallet (FP). According to EN 13698-1, the standard area is 1.5 mm × 800 mm × 144 mm (length × width × height) As a dead weight of 20 to 24 kg. It is held together by 78 to 81 special nails. The Euro-pallet is UIC-standardized and complies with the International Pallet Association (EPAL). [one]

The pallet has defined chamfers on the four. Between the 9 blocks, the 3 floor boards have chamfers in sections to facilitate with a pallet truck. All chamfers

A Euro pallet is a so-called four-way pallet, d. H. It can be used from all four sides. B. with a forklift or a lift truck, are received and transported.

History of the Euro pallet
European Union Railways (UIC) is a European Union of European Railways (UIC).

End of 1968 Euro grid box.

The signing of the pallets and Eurogritter boxes. The European Pallet Pool was contractually negotiated.

In the mid-1970s, the Deutsche Bundesbahn passed the rights to the symbols DB, RAL-RG 993, oval Euro and Euro-Lattice boxes. were protected by trademark law. [2nd]

There are now four different brands (WORLD, EPAL, CHEP, LPR) which are legally binding and under which Europallets are manufactured. “Pallet” “Pallet”. Pallet. The state of the world was published in March 31, 1966.

Today, this is the market-leading pallet format 800 mm × 1200 mm.

Since 1 August 2013, the inscription EPAL Pallet is an EPAL pallet. The lettering is EUR falls away. [3]

Euro Swallow bodies, swap bodies or articulated lorries offer. Various objects can be loaded on europallets to save space. Euro In many industrial companies, the packaging machines are standardized on Euro pallets.

Euro pallets are generally not used in containers. For this purpose, a plastic pallet with dimensions 1140 mm × 1140 mm. In order to be able to transport conventional Euro pallets (1,200 mm × 800 mm) in containers without load space loss.

the identification
A European palette of the EPAL system

Europool pallets with EPAL and EUR marks (up to 2013)
Left and right
The label EPAL in oval border (EPAL = European Pallet Association e.
Medium log
Identification of the company. B. “DB” for Deutsche Bahn AG
Country of manufacture z. Eg “D” for Germany
Quality check clamp (if the pallet has already been repaired)
Digits: manufacturer’s number – year of manufacture
IPPC marking for wood
The marking is usually the fire stamping in wood.

Before 1 August 2013, the right corner block is replaced by the European pallet pool, also in the oval.

Country codes

Europool pallet with EPAL system from Portugal
Listed here, used in Europe. [5]